St Pandionia & St John the Baptist


St Pandionia & St John the Baptist, Eltisley

The Parish Church of St Pandionia & St John the Baptist in Eltisley is a Grade 2* listed Anglican church with in C12 and significant changes and rebuilding over the following centuries.
Archangel was invited to investigate the fall of pieces of masonry from the top of the west tower of the church. Careful investigation of the tower showed that its gutters had never been leaded and as such, water was seeping into the masonry, washing away the mortar and allowing vegetation to grow out of the walls and push the masonry out. An emergency Heras fencing was placed immediately to protect the general public from other falling pieces while Archangel worked into preparing the necessary specifications and finding the correct contractor for the project.

In the end, the four sides of the tower where scaffolded, to allow for the rebuilding of certain areas of the masonry and for a complete repointing of the top level of the tower. Further to that, an intricate lead gutter was installed with proper flashings to protect the tower from any future damage. In addition to that, it was discovered that the existing internal access to the top of the tower was very unsafe. As such, the church now is in the process of installing a variety of safety handles, stabilisation of old ladders, safety lighting and rope handrails to provide the users with a safer access to the top.

has dealt with a variety of conservations projects around the church. One of them, included the demolition of an old dilapidated mortuary shed at the rear of the church which had a collapsed roof and seriously damaged masonry.

Another project addressed the damage of the existing churchyard wall. Due to damage caused by the nearby chestnut trees, an extensive section of the wall was leaning outwards and was considered an emergency repair item as it could endanger local passers-by. After a meticulous research on the surrounding trees, the soil and the foundations of the wall, a large part of the wall was carefully taken down and rebuilt on new foundations.

Currently, Archangel has been working towards the repair of the roofs and parapets of the church, addressing a variety of ongoing water leaks at the entirety of the building. The first phase of the work, aisle & porch roofs, has now been completed, with the second and last phase addressing the Nave & Chancel now underway and expected to be completed by late November.

Main Contractor – Tower Repairs: Fairhaven Stone Ltd.
Main Contractor – Safety Improvements: TBC.