St Mary The Virgin


Church of St Mary The Virgin, Bluntisham-cum-Earith

The Church of St Mary The Virgin in Bluntisham-cum-Earith is a Grade 2* listed 12th century Anglican church. Following our recent quinquennial inspection, it was noted that the church was experiencing extensive problems with damp to the interior of the structure caused by the difference in level between the churchyard and the nave floor. That, together with dilapidated rainwater goods and inadequate drainage system has started to cause serious problems to the fabric of the building.

Archangel address this issue by slightly reducing the external levels close to the walls of the church and introducing a french drain system to allow the water to escape instantly instead of sipping in the walls and foundations. To improve the drainage, new soakaways were installed at various points around the church with a newly designed underground drainage system and manhole access. In addition to that, all gullies, downpipes and gutters were also renewed and made more easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning.

In addition to that, the church had faced a number of lead thefts in the past which had cause a significant damage, both to the finances of the church and to the fabric of the building. In an effort to protect the building and reduce any future incidents such as this, the affected roof areas had their lead replaced with turncoated steel, meeting all the current conservation requirements for such a material change.

Main Contractor: The CEL Group.