St Barnabas Church

St Paul's Church

St Barnabas Church Mill Road, Cambridge

This substantial Victorian church had already been reordered 25 years ago, with the church entered through the chancel at the east end, and the congregation facing west. Building on those earlier works we have created a unified floor level where previously there were ramps everywhere, with underfloor heating throughout. A large glazed screen  was introduced in the chancel arch, so that the two spaces can be used (and heated) separately. The glazing means that the church unfolds seamlessly as you enter it for the first time, and also gives parents of young children somewhere to withdraw to but still follow the service.

A new kitchen allows the church to offer better catering facilities, which support the greater flexibility in the building as a whole to host a variety of different forms of worship, meetings, conferences etc. A full-immersion baptistry was created in the centre of the nave, which is revealed by taking away a section of removable floor.