We love working with churches: whether sensitively altering historic listed examples or building anew, churches must meet functional requirements
while carrying meaning for their community. See also, for specifically church-related resources, opinion and case studies.


All buildings eventually require some repairs and maintenance to extend their lifespan but in the case of historic buildings and listed properties, a more thorough and careful approach should be taken so that the historic fabric is protective. With a trained team that specialises in conservation repairs, we are happy to work together with the client to investigate a possible problem and provide the right solution to address it.


Working within tight budgets, community projects give a big bang for your buck; they often involve transforming a run-down facility into something
new and exciting, and help to build community.


Buildings are an integral part of an organisation’s branding, and a well-designed workplace improves productivity and staff retention. Through
understanding business process and strategy we produce responsive solutions that improve the culture and life of an organisation.


Even with tight budgets, domestic projects can be amongst the most creative; and they are always intensely personal. Success rests on probing
beyond the space requirements to consider how the house fits into the client’s life.


We pride ourselves on our skill in creating environments that actively encourage learning and creative interaction of staff and students; central to
achieving this is the involvement of all interested stakeholders.

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