New book release: Buildings for Mission

A book release is always an exciting matter. It is the culmination of long hours of careful research, tough editing, countless hardships and unexpected surprises. But when it is finally ready and released to the world, it is a wonderful feeling. In this case, it is a particularly proud moment for Archangel since we are celebrating the release of the latest book from one of our directors.

Written by Archangel & Church Build director, Nigel Walter, in cooperation with noted Heritage Buildings and Community Development Officer Andrew Mottram, “Buildings for Mission” is a book written with passion, always keeping the preservation of the modern church in mind.

It is a complete guide to the care, conservation and development of churches which covers a wide range of practical issues that affect church buildings, from caring for medieval masonry to installing multimedia electronic systems, with essential information and easy-to-follow advice on most of the issues a church might come up to.


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