New office space with inclusive access for Manor Farm, Bourn

Manor Farm in Bourn expressed the wish to acquire a new office space for their business. After careful deliberation and in order to maintain the character of the neighbouring listed Great Barn and Manor House and the density of the site, Archangel proposed to keep the basic frame of the existing redundant stable and work within its bones to convert it into a modern office space


Due to risk of flood events associated with Bourn Brook and the Bourn’s Great Bridge, it was decided to construct the new offices at a higher elevation and raise the beautiful existing timber framework of the old stable block to this new level. To do this, new foundations were built and then used to support jacks for lifting. Once the weatherboarding and roofing were removed and the framework carefully cleaned and secured, the frame was raised manually in one piece using screw jacks turned in sequence, enabling the construction of the new substructure. After completing the substructure, the frame was lowered to its new position, 600mm higher than its original location.

It was very exciting to see the framework being raised and float in mid-air before resting on its final location. Great job everyone and keep up the good work!


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