Trinity Methodist Church

Zak's Cafe

Zeph’s Cafe, Oadby

Trinity Methodist is a large church in a prominent location in the centre of Oadby, near Leicester. Despite this prominence the building appeared closed and dead for much of the week, and very much had the appearance of a private members’ religious club detached from the community.

‘Praise Bean!’
The Zeph’s Cafe project takes advantage of the church’s central location to transform the church’s relationship to the community, and the building is now visibly animated 7 days a week. The church formed a separate trading company to run the cafe and to employ its professional staff, and within a few months the business was already thriving. Guests of honour at the opening included Geordan Murphy, at the time captain of the Leicester Tigers.

If you’re passing through Leicester, Zeph’s is highly recommended for a coffee or a light lunch.